Low Energy Building Specialists

We believe that good building design goes far beyond the architectural aesthetic and the functionality of the internal space.

We believe that air-conditioning, mechanical ventilation and synthetic materials can increase sick building syndrome. Natural buildings are better for health and well-being, this can increase attendance and productivity in staff, increase business profits as well as reduce the energy demand on the building.

We believe good design should inherently consider long term impacts including; material life cycle, operational costs, maintenance regime and costs, future changes to the surrounding environment, flexibility for current use and possible future change of use.

The landscape and micro-climate around the buildings are as (if not more), important than the buildings themselves.

We believe that good building design encompasses all of these issues whilst also developing a comprehensive understanding of building performance.

At Emission Zero we adopt a holistic approach toward building design and operation. Our working methods are based on creating a complex dynamic simulation model for each building that we work with, which we use to assess many aspects of building performance.  

Using our combined design and engineering skills and a wealth of construction based experience, we have successfully used this working method to deliver cost saving initiatives to our clients and their property teams.

As a team, we are dedicated to detail. So our buildings look great, are well resolved internally and will withstand the test of time.