We think differently about building design

At Emission Zero we adopt a holistic and integrated approach toward building design and operation. Our working methods are based on creating a complex dynamic simulation model for each building that we work with, which we use to assess many aspects of building performance.


The model becomes a vital design tool from inception through to completion, that we use to increase the sustainable performance of the building. Using our combined design and engineering skills and a wealth of construction based experience, we have successfully delivered cost saving initiatives to our clients and their property teams.


We have proved that low energy buildings don't have to cost more to construct than buildings designed to mandatory standards. We use our extensive procurement and specialist team of trusted and proven suppliers to resolve construction issues in a pragmatic manner.


We design all of our buildings by developing a complete understanding of site context, local climate and the building performance as the design evolves. This enables us to advance the design process in an informed way, and thus influence:

  • Decisions about building performance as the design evolves.
  • Analyse cost and engineer the solution to suit.
  • Consider Whole Life Value and related benefits.
  • Individual site-specific solutions.
  • Respond to regional and traditional building techniques.
  • Review cost options and optimise for capital cost/performance benefit.


We do this by integrating architecture, dynamic building analysis and building systems at each stage of our design process.

contact architect@emission-zero.com with any enquiries.